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Hurricanes Partner with Wonky Box

The Hurricanes are thrilled to announce a partnership with Wonky Box, an amazing local business on a mission to reduce food waste and encourage seasonal eating all year round at an affordable price.   

In New Zealand, we throw away over 122 thousand tons of food each year - enough to feed half of Wellington, with food wastage at all stages of the supply chain.   

“We love partnering with innovative Wellington companies who are out there making a difference in our community,” says Hurricanes GM Commercial Chris Yeo. 

"This partnership is important for us to help support a great local initiative and highlight ways we can do things better."

Wonky Box collects fresh produce from growers that are perfectly usable but not accepted by larger retailers because of their size or shape, box them up and sell to consumers through a subscription-based model which is then delivered to your door. 

“It’s been great to see the team get behind our mission to reduce food waste and rescue perfectly edible fruits straight from growers across New Zealand,” said Yeo.   

Wonky Box will provide the Hurricanes players with seasonal fruit and veggie boxes to their training grounds to ensure they are getting the right foods in them.  

"We partnered with Wonky Box because they make it easy for us to boost the nutrient quality of our player's diets” says Hurricanes Nutritionist Tom Shand.  

“Fruit and veggies are like the oil that makes your car run smoothly, and the players love tucking into the fresh fruit after a hard session or adding them to their smoothies.” 


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