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Tāwhirimātea’s spirit and energy flow through each and every Hurricane. 
Tāwhiri stood up for his beliefs and against the wills of his siblings to 
separate their parents Ranginui and Papatūānuku. His power, ingenuity 
and relentlessness are the foundations of our style of rugby.



             CALM AND CHAOS (Home)

             The Hurricanes live in the calm of the eye of the storm, connected to                     
             their team-mates and taking advantage of what’s in front of them. It’s 
             the source of our exciting, winning rugby, exposing opponents to the 
             chaos of Tāwhiri’s ruthless, relentless power. Our hikuaua is based on 
             the Mangopare motif, combining elements of creation and destruction.



             THREE HUNDRED WINDS (Away)

Like Tāwhiri creating 300 unique winds to defeat other atua, our                              
 Hurricanes back themselves to use their energy and creativity to                             
  constantly find new ways to overcome their opponents. To portray                          
   Tāwhiri’s 300 winds, we use the niho/nifo motif in various combinations                
to create a perpetual pattern, seemingly always moving and changing.                   



            OUTWORK.OUTLAST (Training)

            Focusing our breath to stay connected to each other and to our 
            community helps us outwork and outlast any opponent. An intricate 
            taniko inspired pattern forms the shape of the lungs, representing 
            our Hurricanes breathing in, building up their power base, readying 
            to unleash their full force.


                                                                                                                                                                        THE WINDS ARE GATHERING (Hurricanes Development)

The wind’s constant motion proves Tāwhiri’s omnipresence.                                      
This design’s clean lines represent the early stages of a Hurricane.                           
The same swirl as the Hurricanes’ home jersey highlights the                                    
whakapapa between the teams and our young players’ journey                                 
to become a true Hurricane.                                                                                              



Hurutea-ā-rangi gave the greatest gift, her children Ngā hau e Whā, to help 
Tāne bring light into the world. Like Hurutea-ā-rangi, our Hurricanes Poua 
are inspirational trailblazers who have given all of themselves to overcome 
obstacles and light the way for wāhine who’ll follow.



The Poua are brought together by Hurutea-ā-rangi’s gift – the four 
winds, Ngā hau e Whā. Gathered from many cultures and whānau, 
diversity is their strength. Four kowhaiwhai patterns represent Ngā 
hau e Whā while the swirl radiating from the puku of our wāhine, 
acknowledges Ngā hau e Whā as the children of Hurutea-ā-rangi.