Captain Hurricane

Captain Hurricane has been the Hurricanes’ mascot since 1998. He is the first to run onto the field at all Hurricanes games, and can be seen circling the field in his plane before the players take the field. The Captain was first selected for the all-important mission of supporting the Hurricanes after a mascot hunt involving school children throughout the region. 

Captain Hurricane now has an extremely strong following among Hurricanes fans and has gained the respect and friendship of all Hurricanes players.  More specifically, as a result of the Captain’s World Tour conducted in the past, the Captain has built up a huge following within primary schools throughout the Hurricanes region. During those tours, he spread messages relating to the importance of reading, as well as fair play.

If you ever see Captain Hurricane out and about, give him a wave. He’s a friendly chap and would love to say gidday!


Photo of Captain Hurricane

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